buy now,

pay later

Our Project Rental Agreement (PRA) helps you
protect vital cash reserves and manage cash flow,
whilst regularly refreshing your technology.

Procuring new technology can have a negative effect on cash flow. 
This is why Econocom offers a Buy Now Pay Later feature on all of its leasing solutions.

Key challenges

Manage budget effectively

Lower total cost of ownership

Ensure technology is up to date

Our solution

With our “Buy Now Pay Later” solution, companies can take delivery of the equipment now while deferring the rental payment for up to 6 months. Furthermore, we can structure a step rental profile, such that the rental payments ramp up in line with budget availability.

What's in it for you?

Get instant access to the latest IT equipment without large upfront costs

Ensure your business remains agile by not being restrained by budget availability

Match the payment profile to the lifespan of the technology

How it works

1 - You place orders with your supplier(s)

2 - Suppliers deliver the order and you start using the tech right away

3 - Suppliers invoice Econocom

4 - Econocom sends invoices to you for approval

5 - Once approved, Econocom pays the suppliers

6 - Your monthly or quarterly payments to Econocom don't start until an agreed date

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